We Remain Couples for Christ
by the CFC International Council
June 13, 2008

We wish to inform everyone that we can and should continue to use the name "Couples for Christ" because we ARE Couples for Christ.

This, notwithstanding the recent SEC decision allowing the revival of the old Couples for Christ Foundation, Inc. and the subsequent letter from Frank Padilla that henceforth, anyone wishing to use the name Couples for Christ would need their "explicit permission."

We have not lost the name and we do not intend to lose it. We still retain Vatican and CBCP recognition as a private international association of the lay faithful. We are still mandated, by virtue of the Vatican Statutes, to proceed confidently with our mission and to fulfill our role as evangelizers and missionaries.

Why do we say this?

One, the SEC approval is not final and executory. The law, no matter how one twists it to his favor, still allows for certain avenues of appeal, which we will definitely take. We have solid grounds to question the SEC decision. CFC was not given the opportunity to be heard even if we had a continuing objection to the revival of this inactive foundation submitted to the SEC as early as July 2007. Also, the alleged bases for the petition for revival are highly questionable.

Two, we would like to remind everyone that Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation, Inc. is a registered corporation operating since 1993, under Philippine law. By virtue of this, we surely have a vested right to the name.

Your International Council has judiciously avoided going to the courts to resolve the conflict. This was always an option for us in the past but we restrained ourselves because any legal proceeding will just result in greater animosity and division. But the legal course has been forced upon us by recent developments. As your Council, we cannot shirk this responsibility to defend our rights and our good name. We wish to assure you that we stand committed to our mandate to preserve and protect our community.

Earlier, we asked for your prayers and your support. We are simply overwhelmed by the groundswell of support from all over the world that continues to pour in. It gladdens our hearts and gives us strength to carry on. Today, we ask not just for prayers but also for fasting. Let us all gather strength from the Lord and from each other, as we march on to victory.

Our fraternal greetings to all.

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