The Sixteen Couples were the first batch of husbands and wives who finished the first Christian Life Program in June 1981. As such, they were the first members of Couples for Christ.

The couples were:

  1. Danny and Tess Aviado
  2. Romy and Irene Arguelles
  3. Chito and Shirley Borja
  4. Tito and Tuding Collantes
  5. Pete and Fely Cambel
  6. Tony and Cora Espiritu
  7. Manny and Ditas Garcia
  8. Danny and Eggie de Guzman
  9. Larry and Brenda de Guzman
  10. Frank and Gerry Padilla
  11. Monching and Baby Ramirez
  12. Rey and Diday Saavedra
  13. Boy and Elma Santillan
  14. Jimmy and Malou Tan
  15. Jun and Auring Tan
  16. Jojo and Hedy Villegas
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