The Special Ministries are one of the Seven Pillars of Couples for Christ. This pillar is about building the Church of the Future. For the work of the Church in this third millennium, the unity and collaboration of laity, clergy and religious will be crucial. Lay celibates will comprise a committed missionary core. No one is left behind, including those in irregular unions who are at the fringes of the Church.

The CFC Special Ministries comprise our work of building the Church of the Future. We collaborate with those who share the vision of Couples for Christ, and who would like to become more involved in our work. They are composed of Priests for Family and Life (renewal ministry for the clergy), Nuns for Christ (renewal ministry for religious women), Jacob's Well (ministry for those in irregular unions) and Missionary Society of St. Francis and St. Paul (for lay celibates). While these ministries have not yet significantly grown, they are part of the life and mission of Couples for Christ.

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