The Social Ministries are one of the Seven Pillars of Couples for Christ. The Social Ministries, which were established in 1995 under the name "Special Ministries," comprise CFC's work of building the Church of the Poor. They look to the social dimension of our life in the Lord. They focus on external service. They are designed to help us grow in stewardship and servanthood.

These ministries cover all the areas of the life of a people. They are designed to make a difference in the social, political, economic, cultural and environmental life of a country. They are meant to confront structures of sin in society. They are intended to work to make this world a better place to live in, reflective much more of the of the kingdom of God that is already in our midst.

Evangelization has two dimensions—the spiritual and the social. The spiritual has to do with the salvation of souls. The social has to do with the liberation of the body. This pillar is about the work of Total Human Liberation and development. It is about freeing humanity from anything and everything that is not of God—poverty, injustice, oppression. This pillar helps build the Church of the Poor.

Social MinistriesEdit

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