The CFC Office on Women is primarily concerned with women's issues as they pertain to the internal life of CFC women in the community.


  1. To build sisterly relationships among top women leaders in CFC.
  2. To draw out and harness the untapped potential of all CFC women for its mission.
  3. To foster coordination and cooperation among the different ministries which impact directly on women.
  4. To address difficulties or problems among women and/or their areas of service in CFC.


  1. Think of ways to generally promote the welfare of women in CFC, and make recommendations to the CFC Council.
  2. Bring strategic women together for growth in unity and sisterhood.
  3. Arrange forums where the various ministries for women may make presentations, and encourage all CFC women to be involved in some way.
  4. Look into complaints or cases brought to it for resolution.
    1. Those unresolved by the individual pastoral/service heads or ministries.
    2. Those involving inter-service or inter-ministry problems.
  5. Arrange special inter-ministry activities.
  6. Propose to the CFC Council activities and services the women can do to support the life and mission of CFC.
  7. As an arm of the CFC Council for women’s concerns, handle assignments given by the CFC Council.