The Family Ministries are one of the Seven Pillars of Couples for Christ.

From 1993 onwards, CFC began cultivating its Family Ministries, which catered to other age groups in the family. These are CFC Kids for Christ (KFC), CFC Youth for Christ (YFC), CFC Singles for Christ (SFC), CFC Handmaids of the Lord (HOLD), and CFC Servants of the Lord (SOLD). This has provided a "womb-to-tomb" renewal ministry, where persons are evangelized at the youngest age and sustained as they grow through the different stages and states of life.

An offspring of one’s personal renewal and the deepening of relationships between spouses is the call to bring Christ to the other members of the family. The CFC Family Ministries is Couples for Christ’s response to building the Church of the Home. The family ministries look to the spiritual dimension of our life in the Lord. It focuses on internal formation and is designed to help us grow in holiness of life.

CFC Kids for Christ, CFC Youth for Christ, CFC Singles for Christ, CFC Handmaids of the Lord and CFC Servants of the Lord provide a support environment for every member of the family. A person moves from one ministry to the next, as his state of life changes. Thus, the whole life of a person while on this world is covered.

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