The CFC Crisis was a period of turmoil within Couples for Christ that began with the resignation of some members of the International Council on February 13, 2007. It is also known as the CFC Situation or the CFC Rift. The crisis led to the formation of the Foundation for Family and Life (FFL).


Gawad KalingaEdit

(Topics: alleged problems described in CFC and GK-3, Meloto grip over GK decisions, Magsaysay and other awards)

Financial ProblemsEdit

(Topics: decreasing tithes, alleged mismanagement of funds by Agana and Descallar, FTPW Fund)

The DOH AgreementEdit

(Topics: Teodora, involvement by Mrs. Padilla, usage of amount, Loi Estrada's Resolution 117)


Cognitive DissonanceEdit

(Cabuquit: Padilla and Meloto acted differently from their statements)

Founder's SyndromeEdit

(CFCResponse: Padilla's desire to remain in control)

Course of the CrisisEdit

The February ResignationsEdit

(Topics: Tale-Padilla correspondence, Lenten season)

The Easter GroupEdit

(Topics: Playboy minutes, CFC and GK-3, call for restoration)

Proposed Separation of GKEdit

(Topics: CBCP, Bishop Villegas draft MOA)

The 2007 IC/BOE ElectionsEdit

(Topics: Recommendation to postpone, actual proceedings)

Breakaway of FFLEdit

(Topics: SEC filing, argument for using CFCFFL)

Campaigns of CFC and FFLEdit

(Topics: blogs, news, columnists, diocesan recognition, Pastoral Congress, contraceptives)

"Love One Another"Edit

(Topics: Time to Dance, One Time Big Time, expanded Vision and Mission)

Cardinal RyłkoEdit

(Topics: Vatican correspondence, ABS-CBN, printed ads)

CFC FoundationEdit

(Topics: Resurrection of CFCF name)


(Topics: CFC reorganization, tracing back CFC history, loss of membership, GK, significance of internet)


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